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The Connecting Ottawa project is funded as an Access to Justice initiative of the Law Foundation of Ontario

We take our lead from Karen Cohl and George Thomson who advocated “a consortium of local legal and non-legal organizations and provincial bodies to develop strategies to improve linguistic access to information and services, working together as a coherent system within the region ...”.  [Connecting Across Language and Distance: Linguistic and Rural Access to Legal Information and Services, Dec. 2008]

Our aim is to improve access to justice for linguistic minorities; people who are not proficient in English or French or who face communication challenges as the result of a disability or sensory impairment.

Low income and vulnerable clients who present with a legal issue often have complex cases that benefit from coordinated intervention by legal and social services.  We take a holistic approach and draw upon strengths that already exist within our network of over 50 community health, legal, immigration, disability, and social services agencies. Together, we address the compounded barriers faced by linguistic minorities.