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Firings and Layoffs

Includes termination and wrongful dismissal.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • "I was laid off without notice or extra pay."
  • "I got a job but I quit because my employer changed my job description and salary."
  • "I was laid off from a large company where I had worked for years, but I didn't get severance pay."
  • "My boss fired me after I asked about my rights under the Employment Standards Act (ESA)"

Legal Services and Information

Records for Firings and Layoffs
Title Description
JusticeNet Non-profit organization links individuals seeking legal advice that are unable to obtain legal advice due to high cost or due to their ineligibility to obtain…
Workers' Action Centre Covid-19 -- support available by telephone; all in-person meetings and workshops cancelled until further noticeWorkers rights education information and referral on work-related issues such as…

Social Services and Information

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