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Abuse of People with Disabilities

This kind of abuse refers to physical, psychological, or sexual mistreatment, abuse, or neglect of a person with disabilities by a relative or caregiver.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • Other people are making decisions about my health care without asking me first.
  • Other people are taking advantage of me because I have a disability.
  • My personal support worker does not listen to me when I try to talk about my needs.
  • While I always leave my friend some money to buy me groceries, I have noticed that money has also been missing from my wallet lately.

Legal Services and Information

Records for Abuse of People with Disabilities
Title Description
Ontario Legal Information Centre COVID-19 (May 7, 2020): Centre will no longer offer its services in person for the time being * legal information services remain available by telephone…
University of Ottawa - Community Legal Clinic Student Legal Aid Services Society clinic staffed by students and supervised by lawyers provides legal services to low-income members of the community conducts legal education…
Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime Assist victims and survivors of violent crimes by helping them: obtain needed services and resources deal with post-trial agencies obtain long-term emotional supportOther services includes:…
ABLE2 - Fetal Alcohol Resource Program COVID-19 (16 Jul 2021): Staff can be reached by phone or email. Virtual programs only.Support for individuals affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their…
Reach Canada - Equality and Justice for People With Disabilities - Reach Canada - Equality and Justice for People With Disabilities COVID-19 (July 12, 2021): Reach's Legal Referral program is accepting calls from clients with disabilities in Ottawa and the Champlain region who require legal assistance. Referrals…
Ontario. Ministry of the Attorney General - Independent Legal Advice for Sexual Assault Survivors Program Provides four hours of free legal advice to those who qualify by phone or in person from one or more lawyers on referral list service…

Social Services and Information

Ottawa Social Services

Additional Resources

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