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Abuse of people with disabilities


This kind of abuse refers to physical, psychological, or sexual mistreatment, abuse, or neglect of a person with disabilities by a relative or caregiver.

What the clients may say:
  • "Other people are making decisions about my health care without asking me first."
  • "Other people are taking advantage of me because I have a disability."
  • "My personal support worker does not listen to me when I try to talk about my needs."
  • "While I always leave my friend some money to buy me groceries, I have noticed that money has also been missing from my wallet lately."

Legal Services

Legal Aid Ontario Client Service Centre

Provides legal aid services to eligible persons. Eligibility is based on financial, and legal factors.

Ottawa Legal Information Centre

Offers legal information services, such as general explanations regarding the law and other legal topics, and is not authorized to provide legal advice or legal assistance.

Reach Canada

Educates and informs persons with disabilities, family members, lawyers and the general public about the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and ensures that quality legal and social representation is provided. Provides lawyer referral services for people with disabilities through a network of lawyers who volunteer.

University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic

  • Provides legal advice & representation to low-income persons regarding tenant's rights, criminal charges, small claims court matters, custody and access issues, child support, and peace bonds & restraining orders;
  • Assists victims of crime with applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board;
  • Conducts legal education presentations & outreach activities. 

Other Services

ARCH Disability Law Centre

Community legal aid clinic for persons with disabilities including consumers of health, social or special education services.

Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

Assists victims & survivors by providing information & referral services, assisting with post-trial agencies (Correctional Services, Parole Board hearings), accessing financial benefits & compensation, and offering long-term emotional support.

Fetal Alcohol Resource Program

The Fetal Alcohol Resource Program aims to support the large numbers of people affected by this permanent brain injury. Through education and community leadership development the program draws together resources, skills and knowledge that exists in Ottawa and provides community navigation for individuals affected by FASD and their families.

Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee [OPGT] - Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

Manages the finances and property of adults who have been found incapable of managing their own affairs; is the decision maker of last resort for treatment & placement decisions for those individuals who have no one else to do so; and can investigate situations where an incapable person may be at risk of abuse or neglect

Steps to Justice