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Ontario Works

Includes income assistance under Ontario Works (OW) – benefits available, eligibility, how to apply, how to appeal.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • "My special diet allowance was cut off."
  • "I got a letter from Ontario Works (OW) saying there was an overpayment on my benefits."
  • "OW refuses to pay for the transportation I need to get to my medical appointments."
  • "I got a letter from OW saying my benefits have been suspended."

Legal Services and Information

Records for Ontario Works
Title Description
Ufile tax Online tax program software can also be downloaded on a personal computer Web-based application for preparing and Netfiling personal income tax returns certified by the CRA
Vanier Community Services Centre - Clinique juridique francophone d'Ottawa Legal services for low-income francophones living in Ottawa in different areas of law such as: Immigration Housing (problems between tenants and landlords only) Ontario Disability…
ABLE2 - Reach Legal Services COVID-19 (July 12, 2021): Reach's Legal Referral program is accepting calls from clients with disabilities in Ottawa and the Champlain region who require legal assistance.…
Income Security Advocacy Centre Community legal clinic pursues test cases, Charter and appellate litigation to address systemic issues arising from federal and provincial income security programs, and from the…

Social Services and Information

Ottawa Social Services