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Temporary Status

Includes visitors, students, temporary workers, work permits, and live-in caregivers.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • "I want my parents to visit me in Canada, but I’m not sure if this is allowed."
  • "I came to Canada as a temporary foreign worker, but I want to find a job with a different company."
  • "I am a seasonal farm worker and was injured on the job. Now my boss wants to send me back to my country."
  • "I’m a victim of human trafficking and want to apply for legal status in Canada."

Legal Services and Information

Records for Temporary Status
Title Description
Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Governmental information centre the Client Support Centre can answer questions about immigration, refugees and citizenship services and programs, and on status of an application in…
Vanier Community Services Centre - Clinique juridique francophone d'Ottawa Legal services for low-income francophones living in Ottawa in different areas of law such as: Immigration Housing (problems between tenants and landlords only) Ontario Disability…
Vanier Community Services Centre - Ligne d'information juridique Provides summary legal advice in the following areas: Immigration law Family Law Housing law (tenant representation only) Labour Law - Employment Standards Employment Insurance Ontario…
ABLE2 - Reach Legal Services COVID-19 (July 12, 2021): Reach's Legal Referral program is accepting calls from clients with disabilities in Ottawa and the Champlain region who require legal assistance.…
Canada. Border Services Agency Provides commercial and passenger services customs office classified as non direct point of entry providing a full range of customs services to the general public…
JusticeNet Non-profit organization links individuals seeking legal advice that are unable to obtain legal advice due to high cost or due to their ineligibility to obtain…

Social Services and Information

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