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Marriage and Common-Law Relationships

Includes domestic contracts and marriage registration.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • "While we weren't legally married, I think I should get money from my ex-partner now that our long-term relationship is over."
  • "I sponsored my partner to immigrate to Canada. Because we are not married and haven't lived toget for over a year, the application was refused."

Legal Services and Information

Records for Marriage and Common-Law Relationships
Title Description
Ontario. Ministry of the Attorney General - Superior Court of Justice - Family Law Information Centre COVID 19: Courts are not operating as usual. Do not go to court unless you have been told to attend. Ontarians can continue to access…
ABLE2 - Reach Legal Services COVID-19 (July 12, 2021): Reach's Legal Referral program is accepting calls from clients with disabilities in Ottawa and the Champlain region who require legal assistance.…
JusticeNet Non-profit organization links individuals seeking legal advice that are unable to obtain legal advice due to high cost or due to their ineligibility to obtain…
Family Law Education for Women Campaign - METRAC Action on Violence Online resource of plain language legal information on women's rights under Ontario family law webinar recordings posted regularly on website how to find help with…

Social Services and Information

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