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Environmental Protection

Covers legal rights when it comes to pollution and environmental damage.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • "The air quality in the house I rent is affecting my health."
  • "There is asbestos in the house I rent."
  • "My child's asthma is being triggered by mould in the house we rent."
  • "The paint in my apartment is flaking and I'm worried that it might contain lead."
  • "I'm worried that the pest control treatment my landlord used is harmful to my health."
  • "My child got a rash after playing with a new toy."
  • "I think the construction site near my home is releasing toxins."
  • "I think my well water is contaminated"

Legal Services and Information

Records for Environmental Protection
Title Description
Ecojustice - Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic Use the law to defend nature, combat the climate crisis, and fight for a healthy environment for all. To achieve this, Ecojustice does three things:…
Legal Line Free legal answers covering 2,100 topics on provincial and federal laws available by website referrals publishes legal guides and Your Guide to Canadian Law

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