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Employment Insurance

Includes rights of employees to receive Employment Insurance benefits when unemployed.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • "I need EI because I'm sick and have to take time off from work."
  • "I need EI because I have to take time off from wok to take care of a very sick family member."
  • "My boss didn't pay me for all my time, so I quit my job and need to apply for EI."
  • "My partner has to move to a different city for work. This means I will need to quit my job, so I need to apply for EI."
  • "I want to apply for EI, but my employer won't give me my Record of Employment."
  • "I was laid off and my application for EI was refused."
  • "I got a letter saying I was overpaid for my EI benefits."

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Records for Employment Insurance
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