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Human Trafficking

Includes recruiting, transporting, or harbouring people for the purposes of exploitation.

Some indicators of legal issues

What the clients may say:

  • "I came to Canada to work as a live-in carefiver. My boss has taken my passport and forces me to work long hours without pay. He/she has threatened to have me deported if I tell anybody."
  • "I'm afraid my partner will hurt me or break up with me if I stop having sex for money."

Legal Services and Information

Records for Human Trafficking
Title Description
University of Ottawa - Community Legal Clinic Student Legal Aid Services Society clinic staffed by students and supervised by lawyers provides legal services to low-income members of the community conducts legal education…
JusticeNet Non-profit organization links individuals seeking legal advice that are unable to obtain legal advice due to high cost or due to their ineligibility to obtain…

Social Services and Information

Ottawa Social Services