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Discrimination at work


Includes information about discrimination and harassment at work based on race, age, disability, or other grounds.

What the client may say:
  • "I’m deaf. My boss says there’s no money for sign language interpretation so I can participate in meetings."
  • "I use a walker. During my job interview, I was asked a lot of questions about my disability."
  • "I was fired because I sometimes need to take my disabled child to medical appointments during work hours."
  • "My boss told me I can’t take time off work to pray. I’m uncomfortable with the way my boss treats women at our office."
  • "My doctor sent my boss a letter saying that I need to change my work schedule because of my disability. Now my boss wants to know what my disability is."

Legal Services

African Canadian Legal Clinic

A community legal clinic dedicated to advancing equality rights of low-income members of Ontario's African-Canadian population. Provides brief advice and referrals in a variety of legal areas, including housing, employment, human rights and immigration.

HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO)

Provides free legal services to people in Ontario who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Human Rights Legal Support Centre

Provides legal services to individuals who have experienced discrimination and provides legal assistance applications to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to resolve a human rights dispute.

Law Society Referral Service

Provides the name of a lawyer or paralegal who best fits a person’s stated needs. The service is not designed to provide legal advice or second opinions.

Ottawa Legal Information Centre

Offers legal information services, such as general explanations regarding the law and other legal topics, and is not authorized to provide legal advice or legal assistance.

Reach Canada

Educates and informs persons with disabilities, family members, lawyers and the general public about the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and ensures that quality legal and social representation is provided. Provides lawyer referral services for people with disabilities through a network of lawyers who volunteer.

Other Services

ARCH Disability Law Centre

Community legal aid clinic for persons with disabilities including consumers of health, social or special education services.

Ministry of Labour - Employment Standards Office

Enforces the Employment Standards Act, provides information and education, investigates possible violations, and resolves complaints.

Steps to Justice