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Includes information on how a person convicted of a crime can apply for a pardon.

What the clients may say:
  • "I have a criminal record. It’s making it hard for me to get a job, rent an apartment and see my kids."
  • "I’m worried that my criminal record will affect my permanent residence status or stop me from travelling outside of Canada."

Legal Services


Connects low to middle income individuals with legal professionals – lawyers, mediators and paralegals- who have agreed to work at a reduced rate. In order to use JusticeNet, individuals must make a net family income that is no higher than $59,000 per year.

Ottawa Legal Information Centre

Offers legal information services, such as general explanations regarding the law and other legal topics, and is not authorized to provide legal advice or legal assistance.

Reach Canada

Educates and informs persons with disabilities, family members, lawyers and the general public about the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and ensures that quality legal and social representation is provided. Provides lawyer referral services for people with disabilities through a network of lawyers who volunteer.

Other Services

John Howard Society of Ottawa

Assists with housing, employment & education, literacy deficits, and problems caused by substance abuse & criminal conduct  for adults in conflict with the law.

National Parole Board

Grants or revokes pardons for convictions under federal acts or regulations of Canada.

Steps to Justice