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Child abuse and neglect


Child abuse is the violence, mistreatment, or neglect that a child or adolescent may experience while in the care of someone they trust or depend on, such as a parent, sibling, other relative, caregiver, or guardian.

What the clients may say:
  • "The Children’s Aid Society is involved with my family."
  • "I think my ex-partner is abusing our children."
  • "Some kids in my child’s class never seem to bring a lunch to school."

Legal Services

Family Law Information Centre

Provides the public with easy access to user-friendly information about family law.

Law Society Referral Service

Provides the name of a lawyer or paralegal who best fits a person’s stated needs. The service is not designed to provide legal advice or second opinions.

Legal Aid Ontario Client Service Centre

Provides legal aid services to eligible persons. Eligibility is based on financial, and legal factors.

Office of the Children's Lawyer

The Office of the Children's Lawyer represents children under the age of 18 in court cases involving custody and access and child protection, as well as in civil, and estates and trusts cases.

Ottawa Legal Information Centre

Offers legal information services, such as general explanations regarding the law and other legal topics, and is not authorized to provide legal advice or legal assistance.

Reach Canada

Educates and informs persons with disabilities, family members, lawyers and the general public about the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and ensures that quality legal and social representation is provided. Provides lawyer referral services for people with disabilities through a network of lawyers who volunteer.

Other Services

Child and Family Services Review Board

The Child and Family Services Review Board (CFSRB) conducts reviews and hearings on a number of matters that affect children, youth and families in Ontario.  The CFSRB is one of the eight tribunals that make up Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO).

Children's Aid Society of Ottawa (CAS)

Under the Child and Family Services Act, CAS has a legal obligation to follow up any report that a child may need protection and must intervene in any situation where a child under 16 is threatened with physical or emotional harm or sexual abuse, or is neglected, orphaned or abandoned. Anyone who has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is at risk of abuse is obligated to report it to CAS. 

Kids' Help Phone [1-800-668-6868]

Provides children & youth with anonymous & confidential professional counselling, referrals & information in English and French, through technologically-based communications media.

Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children & Youth

The advocates receive and respond to concerns from children, youth and families who are seeking or receiving services under the Child and Family Services Act and the Education Act (Provincial and Demonstration Schools) and provide an independent voice for children and youth, including children with special needs and First Nations children. 

Ottawa Police Services - Sexual Assault & Child Abuse Section

Investigates sexual assaults and incidents of child abuse and neglect and provides counseling, assessment & referral services in partrnership with the Victim Crisis Unit.

Ottawa Police Services - Victim Crisis Unit

Provides crisis intervention & post trauma counseling to victims of crime and tragic circumstances, in partnership with Ottawa Victim Services.

Steps to Justice