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Service Agency in Ottawa? Complete our Access to Services Survey

March 03, 2016
Nico Koenig
Your agency is invited to participate in our Access to Services Survey.
Those who do not speak English or French are more likely to face challenges accessing immigration status in Canada. The goal of this research is to gain insight into how agencies across Ottawa interact with non-status service users and the challenges community organizations face in serving this population.
Importantly, the results collected will assist Connecting Ottawa and our partners to develop a Resource Guide. While other guides provide information about general service access in the Ottawa area, a gap remains regarding the availability of services to individuals without full immigration status. The Resource Guide compiled from these survey results aims to fill that gap.
Please complete this survey in English or in French. Please also distribute and share our survey widely to large or small social, legal, health and immigration services across Ottawa. 
Thank you for help in the development of this important Resource Guide,