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Guardianship & Powers of Attorney Presentation

March 09, 2016
Nico Koenig

Following our March Guardianship & Powers of Attorneys Lunch & Learn, we would like to highlight an exceptional powerpoint presentation (document attached) which covers all the topics presented: 

  • "This webinar is Part I of a two-part review of issues related to mental capacity and substitute decision making presented by Judith Wahl of the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE). It looks at how life decisions are described in the law, when you have the right to make decisions for yourself, and when someone else gets authority to make decisions for you. It also reviews how mental capacity for decision making is defined in the law, how mental capacity is assessed, and who gets authority to act as substitute decision maker for the different types of life decisions." - The ABCs of Substitute Decision Making, Produced by Advocacy Centre for The Elderly (ACE)

Please also see the folllowing links for more information: