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Audio Accessible Textbook and DAISY Talking Book (DTB) Production


For people who are blind or partially sighted, audio accessible textbooks remove the challenge of interpreting computer files that contain graphics, have multiple columns, and other complicated design components that are unfriendly to screen reading devices. The audio accessible book typically uses a professional narrator to read text heard on a CD. Users navigate through sections of the audio using index tones. DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) is an advanced multimedia platform for reading and listening to print material. DAISY audible books integrate both text and audio into one extremely versatile format, allowing the user to listen to material without the limitations of a regular audio book. A DAISY book player is required to play a DTB properly. T-Base currently offers two kinds of DTBs to accommodate all users’ needs: Full Audio/Full Text (Synthetic Voice) and Full Audio/Partial Text (Human Voice).

T-Base Communications

T-Base Communications produces braille and large print as options alongside other accessible online offerings such as accessible PDF and web accessibility, because it’s essential that our customers provide their blind, low vision, and print disabled customers with choice. Providing accessible information and equal access to information across all touch points, using all access methods, and in all formats privately and securely ensures customer communications are fully accessible and compliant with legislation.